Silver Throne Gift Shop

Silver Throne Gift Shop

How we use the money we receive

The money we receive by selling the gift items (All gift items act as wooden puzzles) will only be used for the objectives of Silver Throne foundation.

This means when you purchase an item from our gift shop, the total receipts will be used without any deductions.

You can contribute to our foundation and join hands when you purchase an item while you can enjoy the benefits of the purchase too.

£4.99Coming Soon
Read More about the foundation
(Product Code:  ST1001)
£6.99Coming Soon
Read More about the foundation
(Product Code:  ST1002)

Win-Win Situation

The items in our gift shop present an educational value for the children as they are made like wooden puzzles

Accordingly, your purchase will create the following benefits to the children

→They Can Improve Memory Skills

→They Can Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

→They Can Improve Problem-Solving Skills

→They Can Improve Concentration and Focus

→They Can Reduce Stress level

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