What is Silver Throne Foundation?

What is Silver Throne Foundation?

Established in 2022, the  Silver Throne Foundation will lead the fundraising initiatives for our group of accountants and business advisers.

Since its inception, we have been supporting local communities and charities in the form of monetary donations. We are perfectly placed to provide charitable and social support to our local communities.

We are passionate about making a positive and lasting difference to the lives of local individuals and are keen to expand on our corporate social responsibility by establishing The  Silver Throne Foundation.

What we are looking to achieve

Throughout our history, we have regularly engaged in social responsibility initiatives, however these have predominantly been delivered by small local teams or individuals. Establishing the foundation will allow us to make greater use of our capabilities, and allow us to utilise the wider Silver Throne team to increase both our reach and effectiveness.

The Silver Throne foundation will enable us to outline our future commitments and identify causes to support that align with our chosen criteria. This will enable us to make a greater contribution to our local communities that are supporting sustainable development and demonstrating the behaviours that reflect our core values.

How we raise our funds

The Silver Throne team member community will support the foundation in multiple different ways. This includes offering donations, involvement in our annual fundraising days and also as volunteers supporting the foundation’s criteria. Fundraisers are an important part of the foundation’s income - these include events such as sponsored walks, selling wooden puzzles as gifts and car boot sales to name just a few.

All of the administration costs for the foundation are covered by Silver Throne, meaning that every penny raised will be donated to the charities and organisations that we support. 

Apply for funding

Funding provided by The Silver Throne Foundation is guided by a core criteria, with the focus on small to medium-sized organisations that can benefit from grants of up to £500 - £1,000. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives  any where in the world, where necessary support and assistance is required.

Can our organisation benefit from the Silver Throne Foundation? Yes, of course.

Please contact us today for more information.

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